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Apple One of The Most Trusted Tech Companies in The World


If there’s any company that acts as a beacon of hope among tech companies accused of breaching private user data, it’s Apple. According to a survey that asked people about which companies Americans don’t trust, only 2% of the people voted for Apple. 

It wouldn’t come as a surprise that Facebook is the least trusted out of the lot. 

Photo: Recode

The survey, conducted as a joint-effort by SurveyMonkey and Recode, inquired about which company they least trusted with their personal information. And while Google came in second place with 5% of the people voting the search engine giant as untrustworthy, Facebook took the unwanted lead by 56%. 

Apple’s Stance on Privacy

Apple has been vocal about the privacy of its users and has done enough to prominently stand against Facebook and its malpractices. Even the recent iOS 11.3 release pledged user privacy through a pop-up: 

“Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right, so every Apple product is designed to minimize the collection and use of your data, use on-device processing whenever possible, and provide transparency and control over your information.”

Tim Cook in an interview with MSNBC stated that Apple could have chosen to make a ton of money by harvesting user data, but they elected not to do that because ‘privacy is ‘a human right.’

In the light of the events that have transpired in the past couple of months involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, it’s heartening to see Apple take an even stauncher approach to protecting the privacy of millions of its user base.

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