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Apple India

Apple Wants to Focus on Indian Smartphone Market

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook wants his company to focus on the Indian smartphone market and plans to bring all the company’s initiatives to the country in order to improve its shares in the region...
Sasha Says

‘Sasha Says’ Review – Sasha is the Modern day Simon

Simon says ‘stop reading this.’Didn’t work, right?That’s because Simon is old school, and Sasha is the modern day...

The iPhone X: Apple’s Emoji filled vision for the future of humanity

On September 12, 2017, Steve Jobs’ remains restlessly turned in its grave. The soul of Apple’s co-founder cursed Tim Cook, but seeing that it had no effect whatsoever on the ongoing Apple Keynote in...
Sundar Pichai

An Exclusive Interview With Sundar Pichai: A Sneak Peak at the Google Pixel

Tim Cook Sundar Pichai unveiled the Google Pixel on 4th October 2016, at the Google event and not surprisingly, a few Android fans waited with bated breath to see what Google had...
iPhone 6 & Apple Watch

All Things Apple

Eight years in a world of rapidly advancing technology feels like decades. In 2007, Steve Jobs famously unveiled the iPhone which took the world by storm. It was a stepping stone into...