Charger or Not, the iPhone 12 Will Sell Like Ice-Cream on a Hot Day!

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12, mark my words, will sell like the best-flavored ice cream on a hot day in California.

There are naysayers in every corner of the internet and to say the least, 90% of them can’t afford the new iPhone1, so might as well bash the company for removing the charger and headphones, use that as an excuse for not buying one, and call it a day, right?

Even Samsung, like every year, couldn’t resist swinging at Apple because they know how to get attention – mock Apple to get people’s attention and copy the same move the following year. Smartypants Samsung.

Samsung being Samsung

Sure, Apple’s made a controversial move by axing the super-fast 120W charger and the super-fine quality EarPods from the box, but let me tell you a secret: Apple’s done things the Apple way since Newton discovered gravity and they’ve gotten away with it every time.

Here’s another secret: iPhone 12 will sell like the best-flavored ice cream on a hot day in California. You heard me say this before? Sure.

Here are 3 reasons why the iPhone 12 will pierce the hearts of sales figures come its release date.

Apple’s Loyal Customer Base is Too Large

Apple, unlike Android makers, has always delivered (mostly) on its promise of a premium experience. There have been hiccups along the way, but not enough to sway the loyalty of bleating Apple sheep (I’m one too).

You pay for quality, you get quality. You get quality, you stick to it and you don’t poke your nose in unknown territory. This means that unless Apple starts selling an empty iPhone box for $799 (permutation predicts it might happen by 2027), people will keep buying iPhones.

Apple’s customer base is too large to say that an iPhone will fail because of this or that reason. A few thousand, or maybe a hundred more, might not like what Apple does, but for each naysayer, there will be a hundred thousand supporters who will side with Apple even if Apple announces $699 wheels for the Mac Pro.

MacPro wheels ($700)
Suck it!

If you think crapping on Apple every year will stop a wave of customers pre-ordering the latest iPhone, go face the wall in a corner because no one will listen to you.

Apple Users Don’t Care About the Charger

Woah. People don’t care about the 120W charger that came with the iPhone? Sacrilege. Till you realize that Apple used to ship a garbage 5W charger with iPhone till the iPhone 11 Pro came along because that’s when they went philanthropic and probably took a HUGE hit of 0.001% of their $270 trillion profit and provided an 18W charger.2

iPhone Charger
Yes, give me more so I can throw them in the trash 5 years later.

Given the number of in-use charging bricks in the world and the fact that Apple dubiously removed the headphone jack back in 2016 and ushered in an era of AirPods, not a lot of people are going to miss the two most sought-after3 accessories that come in the iPhone box.

In fact, anyone buying an iPhone for the first time will probably have another $20 lying around somewhere that they can splash on a charger.

In fact, even those who did care about the charger probably won’t switch to an ugly town called hangdroid just because they can’t charge their iPhone straight out of the box.

The New Design/Form Factor

This here is perhaps the biggest reason why the iPhone 12 will outsell all other phones.

Since the release of the iPhone 6, Apple has been milking the round shape of the iPhone and making incremental design changes in the form of notches and cameras.

But the iPhone 12 finally brings a drastic change in the form factor and brings back the design language of the classiest iPhones ever: the iPhone 5 and 5s. Since Jony Ive is no longer a part of Apple, at least directly, Apple had to look into the past for inspiration. No points deduction for that, though.

iPhone 12
Sue me if you’ve seen that design before!

No matter what the story behind the design, though, the fact remains that the iPhone 12 is an instant pick for millions who want the hundreds around them to know that they have the latest and the greatest.

The iPhone 12 will be the first iPhone in a couple of years to really, really stand out among a sea of the same old boring design of previous years.

And if anyone thinks that people aren’t going to throw their money for some serious bragging rights, they are probably not that smart. Think again. People who can’t even afford the iPhone 12 will be clamoring to sell their lungs to own an iPhone 12 so that people can recognize their magnificence right before they die gasping for air.

Apple Will do What Apple Does

So remember this, ladies & gentlemen; Apple will do what Apple does. They’ll do things for profits, and they’ll do things for the environment. If those two cross paths, it’s best for the company.

The hot take, hence, is that the iPhone 12 will sell like the best-flavored ice cream on a hot day in California, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

1 Just a dirty swing to ruffle some feathers.

2 Exaggerated deliberately to put immense stress on the irony of the situation.

3 Nobody cares about them, you know.


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