Fortnite Battle Royale Review


If you have been anywhere even remotely near gaming recently, you must have heard about the latest phenomenon “Fortnite: Battle Royale.” It rose to the number 1 spot on the App Store and that is only the beginning of the success story that spreads across cross platform warfare of PC, PS4, Mac and now iOS. Every session you join, at any time of the day, there are hundred other players ready to kill you, and we are not sure how many sessions are running in parallel. 

So what is the hype around Fortnite Battle Royale all about? 

The Battle Royale Genre

Fortnite’s battle royale is not the first game of it’s kind, and most certainly not the last. The concept behind the game is that a hundred players are left in an isolated environment for survival and the last man standing wins. Player Unknown’s Battleground(PUBG) is a predecessor of Fortnite in this genre. Epic Games originally created Fortnite as a ‘Save the world’ mode where 98% of the world’s population has turned into zombies and you are among the ones left to survive. Fortnite adds some of its tweaks to the battle royale genre that makes the game all the more better for the audience. 

Fortnite on iOS 

The game is now out on iOS. Of course, you all know that already since Epic Games had us all waiting for the invite. 

Yes, the controls are not as smooth as on console or PC, but this move by the developers has been a strong plus point contributing towards the success of this franchise. It massively expands the number of users online thanks to many on-the-go gamers. Controls designed for iOS are fairly simple and they do not get in the way of us getting addicted to the game. You’d especially love the way the game alerts us of footsteps and gunshots around you via vibrations.

But that’s not all. There are tons of things you can do on the iOS version of Fortnite, so let’s get into it straight away. 

Build complex structures 

This is something new that Fortnite brings to the battle royale genre. You can construct walls, stairs made of wood, brick, or metal, and basically construct really interesting structures. The structures give you added advantage over your opponents or give you a place to hide, so campers have a limited time to dwell in self-constructed hiding places. 

Collect resources from surrounding

While other games in the genre allow you to collect predefined resources, Fortnite battle royale also lets you destroy cars, walls, trees, or just about anything to mine resources from which then can be used as building blocks for your own structures later in the game. This can give you a significant tactical advantage amid intense battles.

The Party Bus 

The party bus is the starting point that gives the game a lively touch, something that PUBG lacks at times. PUBG uses a traditional aircraft for your airdrop like the movie ‘predator.’ Whereas fortnite brings in a party bus powered by an air balloon. The bus may not add anything significant to the game, but it still adds a creative touch to the game.

Cartoonised characters

Fortnite has a more cartoonish touch to it rather than trying to make it look more realistic. This may not necessarily look better at first but getting used to the game’s dynamics makes you enjoy this aspect as well. 

How Things Usually Go Down In Fortnite Battle Royale

You are first spawned in a training ground for about a minute where you can use weapons and motor functions like walking or jumping freely but you can’t harm or be harmed. It is a sort of an orientation for your character in the fortnite battle royale realm. 

Next up, you are in the ‘party bus’ waiting for the door to open. Within a few seconds you can start your free fall onto the island with about a hundred other bloodthirsty players.  

You open the parachute close to the land. The mechanism that this parachute follows is an interesting spectacle.   

Once you land, welcome to the arena where kill or be killed is the royal decree. Here you have the opportunity to gather weapons and health kits in upto five slots. This, however, does not limit you in battle mechanics. You can smash almost any object to collect wood, brick or metal and then use the materials to build your own structures. Here again fortnite keeps it very simple in terms of what you can build, but the result of simple building blocks can become very complicated with a little practice. 

Of course you will die a lot of times in the beginning, but that will prepare you to live and attain higher ranks in coming battles.  

At first attempt, or maybe for the first few of them, you won’t be able to make sense of what killed you but trust me, it gets better. We have all been through that phase where things don’t make much sense.

But once you have spent a few life and death cycles in here they definitely count towards you attaining that state of being into the game for consecutive hours that pass by in a few minutes. The curve may be a little steep at first but that is exactly what makes Fortnite Battle Royale one of the best games to play on your iOS device! 


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