How To Screenshot Or Record Your MacBook’s (M-Series) Screen

How to Record MacBook's Screen

Want to record your MacBook’s screen but don’t know how? It’s okay. We’re all at some point ignorant to trivial things in life. Nothing to be ashamed about.

So there are a couple of ways you can take a screenshot or record your MacBook’s screen.

The more cumbersome method is to launch QuickTime Player, go to File > New Screen Recording.

QuickTime Player for Recording Your Mac's Screen

Once you press New Screen Recording, a small popup will appear like this:

Screen recording Popup bar

There are options you can select that let you record the whole screen, a part of the screen, or a specific window, and once you’ve selected, just hit Record and BAM! You’re recording your screen.

Easier method to record your MacBook’s screen

But why did I say the above is a cumbersome way to record your MacBook screen? Because there’s a simpler, way more convenient method:

All you got to do is press command + shift + 5.

When you do, the same popup above conveniently appears and you can start recording your screen without any further steps.

3rd party software that lets you record your MacBook’s screen

If you’re not attached to the money in your bank account, you can choose to part with it and buy a 3rd party software that does what your macOS already does with a few bells and whistles on top.

So here are a couple of software options that you can buy to record your MacBook’s screen:

  1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder (Free)
  2. Snagit ($62.99 – Free trial available)
  3. Loom (Free plan or $8/month Business plan)

Alright, I’ll need $30 for the info I just provided you.

Nah, just kidding. It’s all free.

Or is it?

You’re just wasting your time now because you already have what you came for. Are you going to report me for wasting your time now? Aww, little Goblin jr. gonna cry? See ya, chump.

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