Speculation time is over. Apple has officially invited you to stream the launch of ‘the best iPhone Apple has ever made‘ on September 14th.

Greg Joswiak Tweeted a short clip that gives us as much hint about what’s coming as his other tweets, but it most definitely means we’re less than a week away from seeing the iPhone 13 debut in between some of the craziest animations and transitions.

While September is usually the time when Apple launches its crowning jewels, last year saw the event pushed back to October due to the outbreak of the pandemic.

Now they’re back on track and the party is only getting started.

With iPhone 13 sure to be the highlight when California actually starts streaming, there’s a possibility we might end up seeing a tonne more hardware than expected.

That may or may not include the upcoming, and possibly redesigned Apple Watch, new iPads, and hotly anticipated new MacBook Pros.

But, Let’s Speculate…

I mean what’s the point if we don’t keep speculating a minute before the event starts?

So here are some clues that I picked from the short clip in Greg’s Tweet above:

Apple AR Glasses

The transition through the Apple logo hints in the cool Apple invite hints at Apple AR glasses. Why? I don’t know, honestly. I just think it’s possible, although we could still be a few years away from seeing Apple’s take on augmented glasses. If that’s not the case, it’s simply a look at even greater augmented reality capabilities on the iPhone 13.

MacBook Pros

I’ve already mentioned that there’s a possibility of the next-gen MacBook debuting at the event, and the fact that the invite has very MacBook-like wallpapers just adds fuel to that desire.


The tagline could also refer to a focus on streaming services, though, which isn’t as exciting as you being able to stream stuff on Apple AR glasses. But if true, we could be seeing a lot more of Apple TV Plus, a focus on Apple Fitness Plus streaming, and basically an enhanced Apple One service bundle.

As far as the iPhone 13 is concerned, it isn’t changing significantly design-wise. Probably a smaller notch and lens placements played with if leaks are legit. Major changes will be internal, so let’s wait for those.

What do you think is debuting alongside the iPhone 13, though? Let me know so I can laugh at how wrong you were when California starts streaming.


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