As if the iPhone wasn’t already the best video camera phone in the world, it seems the next iPhone will take things up a notch. 

A leaked report suggests that iPhone 13 (or whatever Apple decides to moniker it) will feature an improved camera system that will bring a host of new video features and software upgrades that will trump any that have come before. 

Furthermore, the report also suggests that the beloved portrait photo mode is now coming to videos as well along with a higher video quality format known as ProRes.

All these features combined with the powerful A15 chipset will push iPhone photography and videography to the next level and will leave most smartphones in the dust. 

Possible iPhone 13 designs – Via

Given that the iPhone 12 already sports an insanely good camera, the expected iPhone 13 series improvements will put a further dent in a market already dominated by Apple at the higher end. 

Focusing on improving the camera system in 2021 makes a lot of sense, though. During the pandemic and the whole lockdown situation, video production increased manifolds and the best tool for video making most people have are their iPhones and other smartphones. With these improvements, not only will the general users benefit from these changes, but in fact the pro users will be able to produce even better footages from their palms.

Tim Cook and company already pushed the bounds of computing with the M1 chips last fall, and it seems that with iPhone 13 and possibly M1X Macs, the Cupertino giant will cement its dominance by the end of this year. 


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