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MacBook: The Return of MagSafe/Ports & the Dawn of New Design


The MacBook Air with the M1 chip delivers up to 3.5x the CPU performance and 5x the graphics performance of the last Air.” This was Apple’s claim for the entry-level MacBook Air.

What followed was complete chaos in the tech world.

MacBook users lost their marbles. YouTubers scrambled to get their hands on the new machines. Apple fanboys braced themselves for glory hunting.

The naysayers lost their minds. Windows ‘enthusiasts‘ called it a gimmick. And longtime Apple critics called it another one of Apple’s exaggerated claims.

But when the new Apple machines dropped in the market, it blew everything away from its path to the reigning laptop throne. Currently, MacBooks with M1 chips have no equal. There’s AMD’s Ryzen 5000, and even Intel’s 11th Gen i7 Rocket Lake desktop processors, but M1 holds its own against these two alleged processing powerhouses.

That’s mind boggling if you know the difference between desktop and laptop processors.

But let’s keep all those facts, figures, benchmarks, and tests aside and talk about what the future is going to bring from Apple labs. Because if rumors are true, which they usually are coming from Ming-Chi Kuo, then Apple is bringing back MagSafe charging, pro-level ports, and an all-new design for the future MacBooks.

Flat 2021 MacBook Pro Mockup Feature
Image via: MacRumors

The Usual Complains…

First, let’s take a look at the complaints MacBook users have been crying foul about for the last 5 years. MacBooks have really been popular for a long time, but they really took off in 2008 when the aluminum uni-body designs were introduced.

The 2015 MacBook Pros, though, saw the last of ‘Pro‘ MacBooks that had everything designers, developers, and video editors loved: MagSafe charging, Magic keyboard, unlimited supply of ports, and best of all, no TouchBar!

And then the 2016 MacBook dropped.

They only had 4 USB-C ports, we lost the MagSafe charger, the function keys were replaced by the still-hated TouchBar, and the worst keyboard design of all time; the Butterfly keyboard.

MacBook in 2021: Hello Windows?

Thankfully, if the rumors are true, all of that is going to change in 2021. Good riddance!

The Mac revolution was reinstated with the advent of M1 Macs in November 2020, but 2021 will be remembered as the year when Windows laptop makers will cry themselves to sleep every night. The future Apple chip machines are straight up the stuff of nightmare for all in competition with the Cupertino giant.

We already got the Air, 13-inch Pro, and Mac Mini. So what’s left?

  • The redesigned 16-inch MacBook Pro;
  • The all-new 14-inch MacBook Pro;
  • the newly redesigned iMacs;
  • a pair of Mac Pros.
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Image via: MacRumors

It’s not just the fact that these will be new Mac releases; the new MacBooks will feature more ‘Pro’ ports, will bring back the nostalgic MagSafe chargers, the TouchBar will have met its fate, they’ll have the now-back scissor mechanism keyboard AND will ship with a new ‘Flat’ design that will bear resemblance to the iPhone 12.

Idk about you, but this is mind-blowing stuff.

This is borderline insane because you still haven’t factored in the fact that these machines will be powered by the power-hungry M1X (or M2, whatever) chips.

If the M1 chips were rocket launchers, the next-gen Apple silicon will be guided missiles.

It’s downright unethical what will happen to the Windows market once these machines enter the market.

But, I digress…

It’s not about Windows. It’s about Macs. It’s about Apple. It’s about reaching the $3 trillion market cap.

All hail capitalism.

Here’s Rene’s analysis on the whole rumor train:



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