The iPhone X: Apple’s Emoji filled vision for the future of humanity


On September 12, 2017, Steve Jobs’ remains restlessly turned in its grave. The soul of Apple’s co-founder cursed Tim Cook, but seeing that it had no effect whatsoever on the ongoing Apple Keynote in the Steve Jobs theater (ironically), he walked back into the fiery pits of hell.

He called Satan and asked him to turn the temperature of hell to a boiling point; seeing what was going down there, his body had gone cold. 

Little did he know, though, the Apple of late was saying Hello to the Future!

The iPhone X dropped on the eager faces of millions of iSheep like a hammer. 

They were expecting Apple to do something great, but never expected that the company would advance the world ten years ahead in one sweeping motion. 

True to their legacy, the Keynote was followed by unmatched buzz and media frenzy, and it opened with words of iWisdom from their late Co-founder, Steve Jobs. Tim Cook then took the stage and welcomed the unexpecting, unknowing, and completely oblivious-of-what-was-coming crowd.

After Angela Ahrendts was done promoting the $2895 Burberry coat, Apple’s COO Jeff Williams took the stage and kicked off the product unveilings with the Apple Watch Series 3. 

Apple Watch Series 3

To say the least, this is where it all began: innovation beyond human comprehension. 

James Bond has since long had us fantasize what a real spy may look like, but in reality, things work differently. It’s not an easy task to fully grasp a fantasized concept and introduce it for mass consumption. But when has Apple backed down from challenges?

The Apple Watch Series 3, to say the least, is a leap into the unknown. The Cupertino giant has done humanity a service, and what was never possible before the Series 3 unveiling is now a reality: talking to your watch. 

And how did they make sure it stands out? The Red Dot! 

Series 3 Apple Watch

Let that sink in!

Apple TV 4k

This was a regular announcement for Apple. Jumping into technology humans can only foresee 5 years into the future is but any day’s job at Apple; so Apple TV 4k was a walk in the park. 

Apple TV 4k

Nevertheless, the wool on the audience grew a little stiff with excitement.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple jumped onto the somewhat star of the show pretty quickly. 

I’m not sure it was just me or if the Keynote was deliberately zipping through iPhone 8’s announcement, but I did feel a sense of urgency as Phil Schiller did his best to not linger on it. 

Whatever they were playing at, I believe the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are a huge leap in technology. 

iPhone 8

Apple makes it abundantly clear who’s in charge. Here’s a hint: Not its loyal customers. 

Regardless, iPhone 8 enjoyed it’s shining moment of relevance for a good 10 minutes before Tim Cook dropped the big hammer of the night…

One More Thing…

iPhone X


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