Simon says ‘stop reading this.’

Didn’t work, right?

That’s because Simon is old school, and Sasha is the modern day equivalent of Simon now. Sasha says ‘keep reading this review.’ See? It’s working already. 

The app is a spin-off of the popular ‘Simon Says’ game we used to play as children and there was slight nostalgia as I gave the app a go. It’s reminiscent of the times when my teacher used to give us a break by playing Simon Says, but it’s 2017, and our smartphones are pretty much capable of acting as our teachers as well as entertainment devices. 

This is precisely why Sasha Says is a great app for your children (unless you’re a kid reading this, then it’s for you), because it manages to do much more than entertain. 

Sasha Says utilizes all the gestures you already perform on your iPhone, so it’s fair to say that there isn’t much learning curve to the game owing to its intuitive nature. It’s easy to grasp on to the concept even if you haven’t played the game, which easily might be the case for most kids these days. The app does a great job of guiding you through all the gestures you have to perform like:

  • Swipe
  • Tap
  • Twist 
  • Tickle
  • And Shake

Intuitive, as I said. 


The rules are pretty simple: you have to perform the gestures only when Sasha Says appears, represented by Sasha’s image and the words ‘Sasha Says.’ When you’re prompted to make a gesture but there isn’t any logo and you fall for it, you lose. 

The goal is to make as many points as possible before the game gets too fast for you. I failed to cross the 15 points mark for the first 10 or so tries, but managed to break-through and scored 32 *fist pump* after I got the hang of it. 

As you progress and your score gets higher, the game speeds up and all your gestures and the ability to react timely gets tested. 

Sasha Says ‘Get Up.’

You lost. Sasha just wanted you to get a little active, that’s it!

More Than Just a Simple Game

Sasha Says, in my opinion, shines in more ways than just an entertaining game. The app can help kids 4 years and older develop their senses faster and enhance their reaction times to instructions or prompts. 

It tests the players with more than just the ability to react timely because it challenges you visually and tests your brain power as well. It’s safe to say that not only kids are going to have a great time playing, but adults will be hooked to the game thanks to the challenging nature of Sasha Says. 

In-App Purchases

The game allows in-app purchases if you want to go for the hyper-mode that will test you to your limit for $1.99. Shelling out another $1.99 will remove ads from the app as well, which is a good price to pay for a distraction free experience of the app. 

So, Is It Just For Kids?

This question lingered through my mind as I tested the game, but I have to admit something; A 26 year old guy may not be the game’s primary target market, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. While kids aged 4 years and older may likely enjoy the game even more than I did, there’s no reason that this game should be age-restricted. 

Doesn’t matter how old you are, you can have fun with your friends with Sasha Says and it’s even slightly addicting if it falls in your taste of simple yet challenging games. 

Overall, Sasha Says is an addicting game that challenges your reflexes (although it’s limited to your palms only) and your brain’s reaction time. It could, however, do with updates to it’s visuals in the future to reflect a more modern-looking game. For now, it’s fine, but it mostly looks like a job left incomplete, so it’d be great to see it’s developer, Tremayne Toorie, mature the app with time. 

But for all of you out there looking for a simple fun time, Sasha Says is your app to turn to!


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