The Top 5 Must-Have Free Mac Apps

Macbook apps

Yes, a lot of Mac apps have exorbitant prices. Final Cut Pro, the premier Apple app for professional video enthusiasts, demands a price tag of $300, but it’s not fair to assume that all apps on the Mac App Store will break the bank. 

There are hundreds of amazing apps on the App Store that will supercharge your work and daily life flow. So here are 5 free must-have Mac Apps that you can get without paying a dime!

VLC Media Player

VLC for Mac

Video is a huge part of our lives, and even though YouTube is now more popular than the TV itself was at some point in history, we still feel the need to watch stuff natively on our MacBooks. But video files come in different formats, and not all media players are adept at encoding all formats and playing back the videos.

Enter VLC, and your problem is solved. This media player is light years better than Apple’s own QuickTime, and no matter what video format you throw at VLC, it will play it for you smoothly. For free, this is as best as it can get. 

And yes, it’s been optimized for the M1 Apple silicon!


Alfred for Mac

MacOS is one brilliant software. If you want to search something, the menu bar on top has a search icon, you can either press that, or Press command⌘+spacebar to launch search. However, it’s no secret that the search on MacBook isn’t that powerful.

To ensure relevant results and powerful performance, go for Alfred. This app will supercharge your work productivity and its unique interface will allow you to search your Mac’s huge database in seconds rather than you having to go around and looking for your stuff manually. 


There was a time when we used to save newspapers to read the stories we couldn’t catch up on. Then came the internet. Now we are accustomed to going online and browsing our favorite blog and no more dealing with papers.

Nevertheless, we don’t usually get the time to go through our favorite articles and links on the spot, which is why you need Pocket – the modern-day recorder! You can save all your to-be-read articles, videos, pictures and all related stuff for you to go through later in peace. 


iCloud allows you to keep everything in sync between your different Apple devices. But the Dropbox app on your Macbook can supercharge your work or personal life by keeping everything else as well as what iCloud can in sync!

Dropbox is your perfect storage and sync solution, and it can even integrate with the Finder, so you don’t have to worry about saving your files in Dropbox directly.

Google Chrome

Safari is a great browser. But while it’s convenient, there are many times when Chrome simply outshines it, which is why it’s crucial to keep Google Chrome in your App drawer.

It’s not just an alternative, because many a times it acts as a speedier and much smarter browser that you can even customize to match your workflow. You can go all bossy and voice search too with the Google Assistant and keep everything in sync by logging in with your Gmail account.


These were our top 5 picks of the free MacBook Apps that have to be on your machine no matter what. This also debunks the myth that all apps and software for the Mac are expensive and unaffordable. So go ahead and download these apps to power-up your work and productivity. 

If you feel we should have included a certain app in this list, let us know in the comment section below and we’ll see if we can spin up some more space in this list! 


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